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Welcome to Clearwater Asphalt Paving, where we provide high quality reliable asphalt, concrete and tar and chip paving solutions for commercial and residential clients in Clearwater FL. As a team of paving contractors, we know what our clients are looking for. We are dedicated to helping them achieve it. Whether you need a brand new driveway installed or if you are looking for a professional paving company to offer you a parking lot installation, we can help. First and foremost, we are dedicated to developing a strong relationship with our clients. Why? Because we know that relationships and trust are important as a local paving company. We take time to get to know each client we serve as well. Doing so enables us to deliver exceptional results each and every time you choose us. For years we have served the Clearwater Florida area, and we would be proud to serve you too.  

Affordable asphalt paving is what we choose to do best. We aren’t, of course, afraid to take on more costly paving projects that require more time and dedication. Our paving company has the tools and equipment necessary to tackle this issue. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, highly trained and with a great paving record. Choose us, for long-term paving solutions for your commercial and residential property.  

Professional Paving Services 

Our professional paving contractors provide a variety of paving solutions that you can trust. For example, we work with residential clients to offer them high quality driveway installation paving. Driveways must be paved correctly and according to the highest possible standards. We use exceptional asphalt to ensure that the results are precisely that.  

In addition to our driveway installations, we are also proud to offer driveway repairs for residential paving clients. We can fix just about any asphalt issue on your driveway to give it that perfectly polished finish.  

We also provide commercial paving services that include parking lot paving installations and parking lot repairs. The process of repairing and installing your parking lot is an important one, and we take our role in your business seriously. By providing long-term support as well, in terms of sealcoating and resurfacing as needed, we make sure your parking lot represents your business in the best light.  

Qualities We’re Proud Of 

As a paving company, we know that our clients are looking for long-term support. But you also expect professional services. That’s why we stay dedicated to the qualities and values we are known for. These include:  


We provide all of our clients with a free paving estimate in Clearwater FL for their paving services before they sign on the dotted line.  


We stay honest in our implementation and advertising of our paving services.  


We communicate with you clearly and consistently regarding all our paving services.  

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If you are ready to hire a commercial paving contractor or a residential paving contractor, reach out to our company to receive a free paving estimate today.

If you are in need of paving services outside of the Clearwater area, try this paving contractor in Lakeland FL.